We often need help in the teacher's workroom! Please stop by anytime to help out or feel free to take something home to work on.  We appreciate all you do!

Brown Bag Requests:
Volunteers are always needed for teacher brown bag requests. Teacher requests can be found on the tables to the right of the door when you walk in the workroom.  If you can't stay and work on the request, you may bring it home. Please be sure to sign out any brown bag requests that leave the building. Once complete, place the items in the teacher's box. If the items are too large for their mailbox, leave them on the teacher's mail table next to their mailboxes. 
Laminated Items:
All laminated items that need to be cut out are on the tables to the right of the door when you walk in the workroom. Once done, place the items in the teacher's mailbox or leave on the teacher's mail table.
  1. Please make sure any items that need cutting are cut before laminating; otherise, the laminating will come apart and the item will need to be re-laminated.  
  2. If you pick up a project to take home, be sure to return it to the workroom right away. If something comes up and you can't finish it - return it to the school so someone else can.