PTA officers are elected at the May membership meeting and serve for a period of one year. The Parliamentarian and committee chairs are appointed by the President, subject to the approval of the newly elected officers. As part of their training, officers attend the PTA Summer Leadership Seminar in Austin (usually one weekend in July). Officers should receive training materials and records from the outgoing officer. Each officer also submits a “Plan of Work” at the beginning of their term, outlining their objectives, plans, and resources required (including budget amounts). Officers attend all PTA board and membership meetings and vote on motions brought before the board, except as indicated below. Board members are also expected to help with PTA events when needed. Specific duties of each position are outlined below.
President - The President coordinates the work of the officers and committees to promote the goals and objectives of the PTA. President mainly acts as a facilitator, by preparing agendas and preside at board and membership meetings. The President works with the rest of the board to identify and appoint the parliamentarian, committee chairs, and the audit committee. President has the check-signing authority on bank accounts (all checks require 2 signatures) as well as ensures that all necessary reporting deadlines are met. The President will attend official functions as a representative of the PTA as well as communicate with school administration, PTA members, and others outside the PTA when questions, requests, or issues arise. President also ensures the board has reviews and the membership has adopted the Texas PTA/PTSA Records Retention Policy annually.

First Vice-President - 
The 1st VP serves as an aide to the President. They also preside at meetings in the absence of the President. The 1st VP will serve as the chair for the educational programs committee and recruit members when needed. The 1st VP oversees, promotes, and executes all educational programs sponsored by the PTA. The 1st VP will also develop written communications for local newspapers and website at the request of the President.

Second Vice-President - 
The 2nd VP serves as chair of the Fundraising and Spirit Night committees. This VP recruits members to help with various fundraising efforts. The 2nd VP oversees the fundraising committee as well as negotiates, advertises, executes, and maintains records of all spirit night events and other fundraising activities.
Third Vice-President - The 3rd VP oversees the membership campaign at the beginning of the school year and limited ongoing member recruitment in order to meet membership goals. They also advertise the PTA and its efforts, maintain membership records, chart progress, host a class reward party, and submit membership reports to the Texas PTA. This VP works with other committee chairs as necessary to build membership.
Secretary - The Secretary records the minutes of all PTA board and membership meetings. The secretary also maintains membership listing and attendance records at board and membership meetings, assists with PTA correspondence, keeps a record of PTA correspondence, and maintains a current copy of the bylaws, as well as a list of officers (including a record of their completed training).
Treasurer - The Treasurer has custody of the PTA funds and keeps books of accounts and financial records including bank statements, incoming receipts, budgets, invoices, and all paid receipts.  The Treasurer makes disbursements for approved expenses in accordance with the PTA budget. They will maintain detailed budget files, present financial reports at PTA membership and board meetings, and file necessary reports and payments for tax and other purposes (sales tax, insurance, etc.). The Treasurer also presents books to the audit committee as requested.
Parliamentarian - The Parliamentarian must attend all board and membership meetings and advise the presiding officer on questions of parliamentary procedure.  The Parliamentarian votes only when voting is conducted by ballot. 

Teacher Liaison (Appointed by School Principal) - The Teacher Liaison attends board and membership meetings and serves as a communication link between faculty, staff and PTA. They will also solicit staff input when needed.

School Administrator -  The school principal or assistant principal attends board meetings and represents the administration’s interests.

Standing Committees - Standing committees exist for the entire school year because the goals and duties of said committees are ongoing.  Chairs of these committees attend board meetings and vote on motions before the board. 
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   Spirit Wear
Special Committees -  Special committees are formed for a specific purpose and dissolve when the event for which they exist has concluded.  Chairs do not attend board meetings, except at the special request of a board member, and they do not vote on motions before the board. 

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